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    Circus Circus - includes a 5 acre fully indoors amusement park
    • Canyon Blaster - a 2423-foot-long double-looping corkscrew with a first drop of 66 feet and top speed of 55mph in the 1 minute 45 second ride. (pictured)
    • Disk'O - combines a breathtaking dual rocking/spinning motion with an all-new seating style where everyone gets a front-row seat!  
    • Rim Runner - intensely wild, wet and wacky! Don't let the gentle ride up a sparkling stream fool you. Brace yourself to drop down a fast and furious 60-foot waterfall!
    • Sling Shot - shoot up its tower with 4 g's of acceleratio
    • Chaos - ultra-thrill ride will whirl you in three ranges of motion with a speed and intensity that warrant a totally unpredictable experience every time! 
    • Inverter - Endless flipping at mind-blowing speeds. 360 degrees of constant g-force action.
    • And many more smaller attractions
    • Speed - Acceleration: 0-70mph in 4 seconds. Max height: 224ft. Track Length: 1,365ft. Duration: 45 sec. Info: launch mode start with loop - and then roll backwards to the platform again in this non 'circular' track. (pictured)
    • Cyber Speedway - the most heart pounding and realistic simulated race car driving experience in the world with NASCAR and Indy vehicles.

    • SkyJump - a controlled free fall from more than 800 feet
    • Big Shot - Shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45 mph (over 4 Gs) until they are 1,081 feet above the Strip.
    • X-Scream - A giant teeter-totter that propels you 27 feet over the edge of the Tower, 866 feet above the ground.
    • Insanity, the Ride - A massive mechanical arm extends 64 feet over the edge of the Tower and spins you at a force of 3 Gs. (pictured)
    • Observation Deck - for thoes who drive 20mph under the speed limit.
    • High Roller - closed in 2005 to make way for some of the above attractions. It was a roller coaster with a max speed of 30mph and max dropof 30ft that went for 2 minutes around the top of the tower.
    New York, New York 
    • Manhattan Express - Track length: 4777Ft. Max Height: 203ft. Max Drop: 145ft. Max speed: 67mph. Duration: 2 min 45 sec. You can even get married on this coaster - yup, this is Vegas!
    Buffalo Bill's Resort - This resort is located 48 miles southwest of the Vegas Strip on the California/Nevada state line -  a 40 minute drive from Las Vegas.
    • The Desperado - A 5900-foot-long steel coaster with a first drop of 225 feet, at a 55 degree angle, and  top speed of 80 miles per hour is reached in this extreme 2 min 25 sec ride.  (pictured)
    • Turbo Drop - Straight down, from 170 feet in the air, at an intense 45 miles per hour! Experience negative one G, and then 4.5 Gs of force. Go ahead, take the plunge!
    • Adventure Canyon Log Flume - swirling rapids, treacherous water falls and target shooting with state-of-the-art laser light pistol.
    • Maxflight Cyber Coaster - Forget amusement park lines; take your choice of high-flying fun from coasters all around the world.
    • And more

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